The Complete Guide to IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 Online

Writing menjadi bagian yang paling sulit di IELTS, terbukti dengan rendahnya nilai rata-rata writing yaitu 5,5. Selama ini banyak orang gagal di writing karena salah paham terhadap kriteria penilaian IELTS Writing dan salah fokus pada saat mempersiapkan diri, misalnya, terlalu fokus pada vocabulary dan grammar.

Program ini akan memperbaiki kesalahpahaman dan kesalahfokusan tentang IELTS writing sehingga nilai 7,0 atau bahkan lebih tidak hanya menjadi mimpi.


In essence, this program will guide you to:

First, understand the requirements: IELTS is very clear about what it requires in Writing to get certain band scores. There are four assessment criteria: Task Achievement/Response (TA/TR), Coherence and Cohesion (CC), Lexical Resources (LR), and Grammatical Range and Accuracy (GRA).

To get 7.0, Task Response requires you to:

  • address all parts of the task
  • present a clear position throughout the response
  • present, extend and support main ideas

Second, understand the questions: The average IELTS Writing score for Indonesians is only 5.5, even after they work so hard to improve their vocabulary and grammar. So, what’s the problem? The problem is because Indonesians are unfamiliar with how writing questions are designed, they fail to answer the question appropriately.

  • In Task 1, the questions can be grouped into 5 types.
  • In Task 2, the questions can be grouped into 6 types.

You must understand all these types to get 7.0

Third, develop your skills: Simply learning about tips or tricks or hacks or vocabulary or grammar will not improve your score to 7.0. You must develop your skills based on the IELTS writing requirements and question types. You need to learn how to select information and develop ideas appropriately and how to organize them logically. You also need to learn how to communicate the ideas effectively so that the examiner can understand them easily.


As you can see in the table below, in total there 13 lessons (6 for Task 1 and 7 for Task 2) plus 2 tests: pre and post.

Lessons Task 1 Lessons Task 2
1 assessment criteria 7 assessment criteria
2 graphs focusing on trends 8 agree or disagree essay
3 graphs focusing on proportions 9 discuss both views essay
4 multi-graphs 10 advantages disadvantages essay
5 map and layout 11 problem solution essay
6 process diagram 12 two-part question essay
13 other types essay

In each lesson, you will get (in PDF format):

  1. Explanation Handout (focusing on task response and coherence & cohesion)
  2. Language Handout (focusing on vocabulary and grammar)
  3. Sample question and model answer
  4. Practice test question
  5. Practice test assessment and feedback
  6. Extra materials to help improve other skills such as Listening, Reading, and Speaking, Time Management, and Exam Stress
  7. Online support via WhatsApp and email

All these handouts are written in plain English to help you understand them easily and at the same time train your reading skill.


Each lesson and test costs IDR 75,000 (Pay per Lesson), but we offer the following packages to make it even more affordable:

  • Task 1 Package (6 lessons plus 2 tests): IDR 350,000
  • Task 2 Package (7 lessons plus 2 tests): IDR 425,000
  • Complete Package (13 lessons plus 2 tests): IDR 750,000
  • Essential Package (Lessons 1-3 and 7-9): IDR 500,000


To learn more effectively, we need to spare time for discussion and self-reflection. So, we advise that you take only 2-3 lessons per week. For 2 lessons/week, we’ll send the materials on Monday and Thursday. For 3 lessons/week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Interested? Any question? Please contact WhatsApp (+62) 0857-4774-6454 or Email

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