How I learned and achieved IELTS band 8.0

In this video, one of Realia Study Group members (it’s free! you can join by clicking the WhatsApp group here) shared her experience on how she prepared herself for the IELTS. After several months of learning and practicing independently (yes, without joining or paying for a course), she successfully got an overall band 8.0 score with 8.5 in both Listening and Reading, 7.5 in Speaking, and 7.0 in Writing. After her sharing, one of Realia teachers (Mas Ahmed) shared some tips on IELTS preparation mindset.

Her learning journey is a clear example of how good learning habit and strong learning commitment will always produce good results.

It’s a long and unedited Zoom meeting video (around 90 minutes), so prepare some pen and paper to take notes and ask any questions you have to the WhatsApp group.

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